Eyeliner and Lips

Permanent Eyeliner & 3D Lips

Permanent Eyeliner & 3D Lips


There are several benefits to getting permeant eyeliner. Let’s start with the most important one: YOUR SKIN. The skin on your eyelids are extremely sensitive when it comes to pulling and stretching, the friction alone from your eyeliner pencil is enough to tug at your skin and stretch it. Over time the skin becomes crepey making it difficult to apply your liner no longer giving it that crisp clean look.

Secondly, it saves you the time spent on putting your makeup on, allowing you to sleep in, finish that Netflix show or chores. Everyone needs more time in their life.


One of the best perks of getting 3D lips done is not needing to worry about leaving behind lips stains or your lipstick smudging while you’re out eating or drinking. Perhaps you want a cupid’s bow, but don’t want to deal with fillers. With 3D lips, we’re able to bring shape to your lips so they appear fuller. No more worrying about continuously touching up your lips.


Both of these procedures are ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis, joint paint or lack of steady motor skills which may cause difficulty to apply makeup.

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